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Frustrated with investing in leads that aren’t allowing your list(s) to grow? We have the solution!

We were struggling with lead acquisition on our media buys, as well as getting them to engage, until we finally found the solution. We want to help others who are in the same boat by sharing what we learned!


We deliver targeted, engaged users to quickly grow your lists.

At SoVi Digital, we are focused on delivering highly targeted, quality email leads to clients around the world. With our targeted newsletter assets, we drive clicks and leads to grow our clients lists across various industries, including health, politics, survival, and finance. Do you have a publication, email list, or automation sequence in any of these industries? Let us know how we can help!

Grow your business with targeted leads



We deliver targeted leads in the political arena through our websites and newsletters that are focused on politics and current events. If you can benefit from a politically-minded audience, we can help.


If you’re in the health or wellness industry, we can provide targeted clicks and leads to help grow your lists. With our wide variety of newsletters, you can reach more targeted people faster than ever.


Clients with offers in the financial industry can benefit from our targeted lists, newsletters, and websites. Our resources give you the upper hand, ensuring that quality leads get to your offer, product, or service.


Do you have an offer that’s educational, niche, or even a little quirky? You can greatly benefit direct advertising with our various newsletters, websites, and targeted lists — driving clicks, leads, and sales directly to your offer.